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 Norma's Life's Work


    We are searching for Norma's work...can you help?


 Do you have any art work attributed to Norma E.g. Oil and watercolour paintings, pencil, pastel                     and charcoal drawings, ceramics, mosaics, prints, jewellery, collages etc.? If so, we would love a                      photograph of it.   


Although obviously biased, we think she was a very fine artist. The Holmsen family is collecting a record of Norma’s artwork to publish here on this website. 

 Should you take a photograph of Norma's art, please note the following tips:


1. Use the best quality camera you have available.

2. Ensure the painting/art work is in an even, natural light to avoid reflections.


3. Take the photograph as close as you can so that the painting fills the entire frame.

4. Try to get as square on to the painting/art work as possible. If this is difficult to do you may need to re-position it - for example get someone to hold it for you, rest it against a wall, or lay it on the floor and take the photo from above.


5. Take several shots and choose the best - or send them to us to select one.


6. Locate the date on the painting and include this detail in your return email E.g. 1982


7. If known, please indicate the location depicted in the painting E.g. Kellerberrin post office.


8. Tell us who currently owns the art piece so we can acknowledge them E.g. Art work is owned by the Smith family.


9. Let us know how you acquired the painting. We would love to know the history and story behind it and how the painting might be important to you and your family

10.  Send your photos as an attachment to David (


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