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  • Norma was born in Greenbushes, WA  in 1935
  • She spent her childhood growing up in Trayning, Greenbushes, Manjimup and Nannup
  • Norma attended Bunbry High School
  • She married Sigfred Homsen in 1959. Together, they had four sons
  • Norma spent her adult life in Merredin before moving to Perth in 1983
  • Norma passed away in 2008





Attended Bunbury High School. 



Attended University of WA enrolled in a Science degree. She did not complete her course.


1954, April

Enrolled for nursing at Tutor House at Princess Margaret Hospital. Completed training in 1957.



Co-established the Merredin Fine Arts Society on the  25th of October, 1968.


Exhibitions & Festivals

1978, July

Exhibition of Paintings by Norma Holmsen, Ann Sutherland and Gilbert Corzino at the Wine Pavilion, Showgrounds, Claremont













2000 15th to 20th December

Deliberation. The Old Royal George Gallery, East Fremantle













2006, 20th to 31st October

Exhibition. 391 Canning Highway Melville








In the meda


Norma appeared in the local media around the build up her exhibitions.

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